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Bridal Henna

Choose from the most simple contemporary designs to the most elaborate Arabic or traditional designs. Or have your bridal mehndi especially custom designed to your requirements Contact me for a quote on the available Packages.

Glitter & Swarovski Crystals

This can be applied on the day of the event to compliment the outfit. Glitter & crystals on its own or in between your henna design, both will result in glamorous superb sparkling effects which lasts up to 5 days.

Group Bookings/Parties

This service can be provided at reasonable discounted hourly rates as this will benefit you especially if you are throwing the event for your guests as many simple contemporary designs are done within the hour with a dash of glitter to jazz the event. Alternatively prices per person can be offered too.
Whatever so your party will be highly complimented and remembered by your guests forever.

Corporate Events

Make your event a memorable success. Shamim and her team will apply the most stunning designs piped with 100% natural henna and glitter for amazing effects. These beautiful results last up to 2 weeks.


Shamim has been fully experienced in the field of henna, she is now able to offer tailor made training packages that include trade tips and techniques and the secret to successful henna making and application.

At the point of enquiry you will be left feeling confident that you have chosen a powerful artist with superior knowledge and experience in the world of henna. Upon completion of your training, shamim will leave you flowing with streams of confidence which will allow you to be able to apply your learning experience into practice straightaway. Shamim has a holistic approach towards the learning of henna; she applies the life long learning manner whereby you continually learn new ways and ideas in this talented field. No matter how experienced you become, you will have the opportunity to touch base with shamim in the future for ongoing support and updates. This will help you benefit and master your learning to further perfection and keep yourself in line with the many changes we face in today’s modern society.

Training is exclusively tailor made to each individual learner’s requirements and needs. Please enquire for further guidance and advice on training packages. 07961 428 461.